Understanding WAN-Optimization

Let’s see what is the WAN-Optimization & how it accelerates application performance

WAN-OP : WAN Acceleration

Nubewell WAN optimization controllers accelerate application speed, shape network traffic based on the allocated bandwidth, increase data transfer speed, and reduce bandwidth costs using a combination of application, network, and protocol optimization.

Nubewell WAN-Op accelerates transfer of data and improves the performance of business-critical applications across WAN. In addition, Nubewell WAN-Op greatly improves bandwidth utilization, allowing businesses to reduce operating expenses or increase ROI by accelerating more application data with less optimized data. Nubewell Leverages stream-based differencing, application blueprints, single instant store, traffic prioritization, network application, and TCP optimizations techniques.

Nubewell’s WAN-OP Architecture

Industry leading features

These are the list of featues that differentiates Nubewell from the current Networking Industry.

It is the Industry-first “10G WAN optimization solution with 60G hardware compression engine” and Industry leading DPI support for application and protocol classification.

It can classify and optimize up to “80G Layer 7 bi-directional traffic throughput” irrespective of any protocol.

It can support up to “400,000 TCP connections” for traffic optimization and classification.

Features & Advantages of Nubewell's WAN-OP

Application Response

It improves application response times by up to 50X. With improved application response time bandwidth utilization can be reduced by up to 95%.

Reduce Network Congestion Issues

It is designed to reduce the impact of network congestion, latency, and packet loss, all of which combine to slow down end-user response time and data transfer speed.

Network Proxy

It can act as network proxy for transparent deployment and gives you control over the network traffic. It can connect with multiple upstream proxy servers.

IPSec Support

It can support up to 30G of IPsec tunnel across WAN. This should be enough for any most organizations to route all application traffic through IPSec tunnel to ensure security.

Traffic Shaping and Access List

Integrated traffic shaping and access list allow the network administrator to prioritize and secure network traffic. By leveraging traffic shaping, guaranteed bandwidth can be assigned to particular hosts, networks, ports, applications, or protocols.

Byte-Level DeDupe Engine

It has in-built content aware byte-level DeDupe Engine. Nubewell DeDupe engine gets the data stream and creates clean history based on pure application data by decapsulating all the protocol headers so that the history can be used to detect duplicate data across any protocol.

TCP Optimization

It makes transfers more efficient across WAN and enables better utilization of both high and low bandwidth environments, faster recovery after packet loss and bandwidth fairness with other data flows. Nubewell WAN-Op TCP Optimization uses the following techniques:

1. Window Scaling – Increases window scaling based on network bandwidth with RTT.
2. Slow Start with Congestion Avoidance – Determines available bandwidth and avoids sending more data than networks can handle.
3. Fast Convergence – Rapidly increases throughput of each new TCP connection to ensure optimum throughput.
4. Selective Acknowledgement – Precisely determines packets lost during transmission, retransmits only lost packets.

60G Hardware Compression Engine

It is capable of compressing traffic using 60G hardware compression engine, which will be running at wire speed without latency in packet processing in the first pass. Nubewell DeDupe Engine leverages application blueprints to deliver content aware deduplication that separates duplicate data and transfers only the unique signatures to avoid performance degradation.