Understanding SD-WAN

Let’s see what is the SD-WAN & why the enterprize adoption is sky rocketing

SD-WAN : Software Defined WAN

Software-Define Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) takes advantage of the Internet to solve the problem of high cost and limited flexibility of traditional WAN setup. SD-WAN offers greater flexibility with better control at cheaper operating expense. SD-WAN can be used along with MPLS and traditional WAN setup to create a hybrid WAN. SD-WAN increases your ability to perform WAN optimization and centralized control using a simple GUI. With SD-WAN, you can configure and deploy a branch office in minutes.

SD-WAN offers the ability to measure real-time transport quality and lets you centrally define and manage policies for network traffic , uses policy-based routing (PBR) to route application-specific traffic over the most appropriate network.

Secure, global SD-WAN, delivered as a service, provides the benefits of SD-WAN while enabling secure, direct Internet access, SLA-backed connectivity, and seamless integration of WAN with cloud data centers and mobile devices.

Challenges faced by traditional branch networks:

To stay competitive, organizations need to overcome these branch network challenges:

Difficult to upgrade

Increasing bandwidth for existing and new branch offices involves upgrading hardware, which is expensive and time consuming.

Time to deploy

Network devices aimed at performing specific tasks lead to device sprawl, this needs more personnel to deploy, monitor and troubleshoot.

No centralized control

Data center dependent network devices can’t be controlled by creating centralized application-based policy.

Performance issues

Branch WAN traffic hairpinning through data center degrades cloud application performance. Optimization needs to be done at data center levels.

Nubewell’s SD-WAN Architecture

Features & Advantages of Nubewell's SD-WAN

Optimized Performance

It improves WAN performance, reduces bandwidth, and provides you a centralized control using Nubewell’s unique software architecture. It also makes it easier to perform network analytics, traffic management, and monitor network security.

Dynamic Path Selection

It provides improved throughput by performing link aggregation on both incoming and outgoing sessions providing high availability for all applications and improved performance.

Network Orchestration

NuMS (Nubewell's Management System) offers zero-touch configuration for SD-WAN and WAN optimization solutions. NuMS comes with various templates and application-based routing options and easy-to-use interface.

Cost Effective

Create a hybrid WAN with existing infrastructure and use broadband to deploy WAN to branch offices in minutes. Reduce hardware deployment and upgrade costs by creating virtual machines on existing network devices.